Surgical removal of a tooth or root.
Impacted wisdom teeth.
Periodontal/Gum surgery.


Most of these procedures are normally performed with local anaesthesia. Arrangements can be made to have this performed under General Anaesthesia in a hospital.

In such cases written pre-authorization should be obtained from your medical aid.

In the interest of your continued health it is important that you disclose all relevant medical history as well as any chronic medication you are on.

Dental Surgical procedures involves raising of a mucosal flap, removal of bone and suturing.

Due to the invasive nature of dental surgery, post surgical complications are not uncommon and can include pain, swelling inflammation and bleeding.

Anti-inflammatory pain medication as well as cold packs will keep the pain, swelling and inflammation to a minimum. Please do not apply heat!![ hot water bottle etc].

Suturing keeps post operative bleeding to a minimum. Patients are advised not to rinse, spit, talk or take hot coffee or tea.

Slight bleeding may occur after the local anaesthetic has worn off. If bleeding is more than expected, biting on a thick wad of cotton wool or a wet teabag for about 30 minutes will have the desired effect.

Non resorbable silk sutures are normally placed and should be removed one week post operatively.