Most problems in the oral cavity starts with the lack of oral hygiene and the control of plaque.Plaque is the cause of decay and most forms of gum disease.
This is a yellowishwhite layer that forms on the teeth and consists entirely of bacteria and,if not removed ,will cause oral disease.So, in order to control oral disease, you must control the plaque bacteria.This can be achieved by brushing and flossing.The use of mouthrinses is in addition to brushing and flossing and can never replace it.A lot of marketing goes into toothpaste and there is not a toothpaste that can be singled out as the”best”or”recommended by dentists”
There is a misconception that oral disease has a genetic link.Often someone would say”My parents had bad teeth,that is why my teeth are bad”This is often only an excuse for lack of homecare.


This is infection of the gum due to plaque bacteria.
In order to prevent gingivitis,it is important to control the plaque bacteria.
This is achieved by good home
care of the teeth and gums by regular brushing and flossing.Lack of proper home care always results in gingivitis.Brushing alone does not remove all plaque bacteria.
The symptoms of gingivitis includes redness,swelling,pain and bleeding.
Minor gingivitis is when the gums are slightly red and bleeding with brushing and flossing.this can easily be reversed with proper home care.
Early periodontitis is when gingivitis was unattended or diagnosed.The attachment of the gum to the tooth is lost,and leads to more severe symptoms.Very specific home care as well as treatment by the dentist could result in healing.
Moderate periodontitis is as a result of poor oral hygiene over an extended period.
This results in further loss of attachment ,gum recession and bone loss.Although this disease can be cured by a periodontist,the gum recession and bone loss is permanent,and does not grow back again!!!
Advanced Periodontitis (pyorhea) is an advanced stage of gum disease that often cannot be cured and results in the loss of teeth due to the poor bone support.Healthy bone is essential for strong healthy teeth and gums.
The correct tools for proper home care includes,a good quality brush,dental floss,Interdental brushes and floss threaders.
Interdental brushes is especially useful where spaces have developed as well as to clean under bridges and under orthodontic fixed appliances.this is in addition to flossing and not instead!!
Floss threaders like Oral B superfloss and GUM Access floss is essential to clean under bridges and fixed orthodontic appliances.
Scaling of the teeth is often necessary where plaque was left on the teeth for a long period of time.Tartar is plaque that has calcified and can only be removed by a professional with special instruments,scalers and ultrasonic scalers.
Electric(battery operated toothbrushes are very useful,especially in persons who tend to brush too hard.
Gingivitis and periodontitis is often the cause of bad tastes and foul smelling breath(halithosis) Controlling this disease often results in resolving this issue.