It is possible to place dentures immediately after extraction,thereby saving you the embarrassment of going without teeth for 3-6 months.You must realise that,due to gum and bone recession,these dentures will need relining and must be replaced in six months.

Instructionsto patients with immediate dentures:

It is extremely important not to remove these dentures after the procedure.If you remove the denture and leave it out of the mouth,you will not be able to replace them.Even your dentist will have almost an impossible task of adjusting and refitting of these dentures.
Antiinflammatory medication and icepacks will keep the post extraction discomfort to a minimum.
You must return to your dentist the next day.He will remove the denture and make the necessary adjustments to make you more comfortable.After extractions the bone and gums recedes and during the next period you will need a number of adjustments.
After a period of two months your dentist will place a lining in your denture to accomodate the loss of soft and hard tissues and make the denture more stable.
Do temember that these dentures are temporary and MUST be replaced with new dentures after a period of six Months