Full dentures in Cape Town

This is where the top or bottom teeth or the teeth in both jaws have been removed.With a full upper denture patients adapt much easier than a full lower denture,so avoid losing your bottom teeth!!Many full lower dentures have never been worn due to impatience and the inability to adapt,usually with the elderly.

Full dentures needs to be replaced at least every Five years.The reason for this is,as the alveolar bone resorbs,the denture becomes more unstable which results in more bone loss.

When a new set of dentures is made,it will often feel less stable than the existing denture and often patients revert back to the old denture.The only way for the tissues to adapt to the new dentures is to have them in the mouth 24 hours per day.
If you keep on switching between dentures you may never adapt to the new fit.
It is most important that,when you return for adjustments to your new denture that you have had it in the mouth for at least 12 hours so that the correct area of discomfort can be diagnosed and adjusted.This will save you many unnecessary visits to the dentist.95% of new dentures needs adjustments.
Do not rely on medication to ease the discomfort caused by a new denture and definately do not adjust your denture yourself or by someone else.This could destroy the new fit!!!