Fillings Dentist In Cape Town

The most popular fillings today are the composite or resin (white)fillings
The composite fillings are aesthetically more superior than amalgam fillings and the latest materials are superior in strength.
The older composites had the disadvantage of contraction with the setting reaction which resulted in stress on the tooth with postoperative pain as a result .
This made these fillings very unpopular.Bulk filling of composite materials is now possible without any postoperative discomfort.
The latest fillings also has the advantage of colour stability and does not need replacing for aesthetic reasons.
Metal or amalgam fillings is still often used in areas where aesthetics is not a problem.These materials have withstood the test of time and is still very safe,contrary what has been advertised in the media.
Pins and posts are often used to support a filling where there is no longer sufficient enamel available.
Fillings Dentist In Cape Town

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