This very exciting new development in dentistry was developed due to the demand for less expensive dentistry,especially in Africa where the cost of healthcare is placing heavy demands on the state and private healthcare.
This development was made possible due to the major advancements that has been made in the strength,quality and aesthetics of modern composites.
Minimally invasive techniques is employed on the abutment teeth and the pontic or false tooth is supported by a fine mesh of fiberglass strands.
A composite bridge is done in a single visit and often directly after an extraction.
One,and at the most,two teeth can be placed in this way
What makes this procedure very popular is the cost,aesthetics and the fact that due to the minimal invasive technique it is completely reversable in order to place an implant at a later stage.
This technique is ideally suited for children who have congenitally absent incisors.
Please check the gallery to view actual cases that was recently done in this practice.