Your first visit to the dentist will include a full consultation and X Rays to determine the extent of your problem and provide you with the best advice.
For your own safety,please provide your dentist with all relevant medical history.It is also very important to know if you are taking any chronic medication.

A full consultation will include X rays and diagnostic photos in order to provide you with the most accurate diagnosis.

In cases of wisdom tooth problems, as well as when a bone disorder is suspected,a special X-Ray called a Panoramic(Orthopantogram)will be taken.This is a very useful X-Ray to see the whole face on a single X Ray.

The planning of a specific treatment is very important,especially crown and bridges,surgery,orthodontics,implants,removable appliances as well as all minimal invasive procedures that includes fiber supported composite bridges.
In the planning stage of treatment,often impressions of the mouth will be taken and study models will assist the dentist in the planning and making the correct decision for the treatment.Sometimes a mock up of the proposed treatment will be done on a plaster model to explain to the patient what to expect.
Imperfect planning of especially more difficult cases will result in failure.
Periodontal screening is a special examination of the gum and supporting tissues.This will determine the extent and severity of the problem and how to plan the treatment in order to get the best end result.
After the initial consultation the patient will be informed which treatment is a priority.
The patient will also be informed of any oral hygiene issues as this  will affect the future treatment plan.