• Dentist near Plumstead, Cape Town

    On the Main Road in Bergvliet. Its next to Plumstead.

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  • Dentistry in Cape Town

    Dentistry in Cape Town A quotation will be provided to each patient for treatment suggested by Dr Stoltz. It is the patients responsibility to have this treatment authorized by their medical aid and it is the patients responsibility to […]

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  • Gingivitis and occlusal(incisal)attrition

    The redness and swelling associated with gingivitis as well as bacterial plaque is visible.The attrition of the incisal edges is usually due to malocclusion and bruxing (clenching and grinding).

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  • Metal Frame Dentures

    Metal Frame Dentures are made from an extremely hard but flexible material called cobalt chrome, The big advantage of these dentures is,strength,stability,comfort,tooth and gum friendly and the fact that it covers much less of the oral soft tissues especially […]

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  • The Best Dentist in Cape Town

    Dr Alfie Stoltz The Cape Town Dentist qualified a dental surgeon at the University of Stellenbosch and has been in private practice for more than 30 years making him one of the best dentists in cape town. He has […]

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  • Minimal invasive dentistry

    The latest trend in dentistry is to remove as little of the natural tooth in order to achieve a certain goal.Examples of this treatment includes tooth fracture,congenitally misformed teeth ,slight alignment problems and badly discoloured teeth.The fact that modern […]

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  • Cape Town Dentist Mobile friendly

    Our site is mobile friendly. Iphone and Android welcome. Cape Town Dentist Mobile friendly

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